The Quote that made me deliberate about being an amazing Team Leader

This quote! So succinct yet so loaded!

When I saw it for the very first time in 2014, I had goosebumps. Literally!!!!

Ha! It was a lightbulb moment for me

It caused me to realise 3 things:

1. You cannot force people to volunteer their hearts and minds (i.e., to go over and above or bend over backward) for you/ your team/your organisation, no matter how much you demand it. They have to be given WILLINGLY.

2. Mediocrity is what happens when team members give their barest minimum. To move past mediocrity, motivated and high-performing teams are a MUST.

3. A great team leader has the ability to unleash discretionary effort in his team, such that they regard his vision as theirs, and go over and beyond the call of duty to ensure the vision becomes reality.

What did this quote teach/ show you?

I'd love to hear from you.

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