The Academy's Ground Rules

1. Have an open mind

This is an essential skill for lifelong learners. You definitely need this, because in the course of the Academy, I may challenge some of your longstanding views on Team Leadership.

Having an open mind allows your senses to work in a discovery/ explanatory manner, rather than a protective/ conservative manner" - Duytan Vu

2. This is about YOU!

Resist the urge to relate the lessons to some other Team Leader that you know.

Instead, situate YOURSELF in the lessons. Ask

"how is this speaking to me?"

"what are the takeaways for me?"

Remember, the objective is to make YOU a better Team Leader.

3. Execute daily

I am committed to sharing bite-sized actionable tips that you can leverage to become a better Team Leader. And committed to showing up regularly. For you.

I need you to DAILY execute the tips.

When it all comes down to it, nothing trumps execution - Gary Vaynerchuck

4. Share the knowledge that you glean from me

You can do this by

  • letting your improved leadership be a witness to the principles that I will consistently share via this platform,

  • telling your network to pitch their tent here to learn to be better Team Leaders,

  • following me on social media and liking, sharing and commenting on my posts, and

  • recommending me for speaking engagements at corporate retreats, webinars, seminars, conferences etc.

What do you think of the ground rules? Wanna suggest some more?

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