"Leadership is about my team, NOT about me"

Say after me

"Leadership is about my team, NOT about me"

"Leadership is about my team, NOT about me"

"Leadership is about my team, NOT about me"

"Leadership is about my team, NOT about me"

"Leadership is about my team, NOT about me"

I need you to repeat it as many times as possible until you internalise it, and it finds expression in your words and actions.

Your primary objective as a team leader is to grow and develop your team members. Feel free to read that again.

You're probably thinking, "Edememe, in one of your prior posts, you said my primary objective is to maximise efficiency and achieve organisational objectives. Now, you're saying my primary objective is to grow and develop my team members. Please elucidate."

I gatchu.

To maximise efficiency, your team needs to improve technically and attitude-wise. Improved technical knowledge would reduce their margin of error and increase their work speed. Improved attitudes mean they can work together with little or no friction. This will free up your time so you can focus on strategic things that really matter.

Let's bring this home.

I'm a Tax Consultant. My clients come to me with various tax issues and expect workable solutions. I pass a task on to a junior team member who does the ground work and sends me a draft.

If I have invested in growing and developing her, the draft she sends to me will be something I can work with and not one that I would have to totally rework. I can therefore invest the time that would have been spent on reworking the draft, to focus on client management or business development, which are some of my core KPIs.

Plus, because I have a good foundation (since I'm not entirely reworking the draft), I can add more value and pass on great work to my senior team member. He also spends less time reviewing because the draft he got was fit-for-purpose, and he can also focus on his core KPIs.

I prioritise growing and developing my team members formally and informally, because that is my duty as a team leader.

More importantly, I realise that when I grow and develop my team members, I am helping myself! Yes, myself!

Help yourself by growing and developing your team members.

"The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership" - Harvey S. Firestone

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