It's debunking time!!!!!

Ashley (pseudonym) is a Team Leader.

He issues orders to his team members and expects immediate compliance. No questions asked. No suggestions welcome.

Because *insert prideful gaze* don't they know who's the boss?

Myth - My position is my greatest asset.

Fact - Having a position of leadership is great. However, true leadership transcends position. Relying solely on your position and bossing people around will not give you the best results. People are your greatest assets, NOT your position.


Team Leaders in Ashley's category are on the "Position level of leadership" in John Maxwell's "5 levels of leadership". This is the lowest level of leadership.

I once had a Positional Leader outside of work, a long time ago. Everything revolved around his position. Lord, it was so annoying! Arggghhhh!!!!! The more he tried to lord it over me, the more defiant I became. I did the barest minimum and did not feel bad about it. I remember wanting him to fail, just so he would be thrown off his high horse.

Do I feel bad about this now? I most certainly do.

However, that's exactly what happens when a Team Leader's only claim to leadership is the position s/he holds.

The earlier you realise that leadership transcends position, the better off you'll be in your leadership journey.

To Do:

Think about your interaction with your team members.

Do you come across as a Positional Leader?

This is a no-judge zone. It's ok to share in the comments section.

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